“Since when does the photographic service start?”

Photographic availability begins with groom and bride dress preparations until the cut of the cake and the end of the party.

“Will every shot you make be provided to customers?”

Yes. All the shots will be provided in high resolution, JPG format. A series of shots in high definition will be separately delivered, complete with post-production work and ready for print.

“Who will choose the photos that will be printed?”

The photos will be chosen by the bride and groom at the studio. A selection with the most beautiful shots will be made for the couple, erasing grimaces and closed eyes. It will be very easy to choose your photos, it will take about an hour and a half. For couples who don’t live in Rome we will be send a wetransfer link with the selection of pictures to choose from.

“How long will it take to have the final files or the album?”

It will take about a working month to have the revised files and it will take about 2 working months after the choice of the couple to have the album.

“As for the Video service, can we personalize music?”

Of course! It’s important to know your musical tastes. You can choose your favourite music.

“How long before we need to book your services?”

If your marriage is held during the weekends of May, June, July, September, October or December you will need to book at least 6/8 months before that date. Demands are high. For all the remaining months and the workdays it will be enough 4/6 months before your marriage date.

“Payment Methods”

It will be enough to leave a deposit of 20% the rest divided into three other trances.